Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Welcome Home!

It's been a long, tough decision to switch over to a new blog name. It's hard to leave your roots. Lil Mrs Housewife was my home. It may have been off and on the last year or so but it was what I knew and where I felt comfortable.

Slowly, as a I started to get back into my blogging routine, something just didn't feel right. Kind of like shoes that are too small but they are your favorite pair so you force your feet into them. And I realized, my family grew...and continues to grow...so that home I made on Lil Mrs Housewife was just too small for all I wanted to share.

Lil Mrs Housewife started out as a place to share my love for being a housewife. It was just Mark, myself, and our two puppies.

 Then, this little monster came along and made our lives much crazier than we ever thought possible. And we've loved every second of it. About this time is when the blogging-neglect started.

Now that Rozlyn is older, I have more time for my blog but yet, bringing her into that space that was meant for a housewife just didn't work for me. Plus we have another little muffin on the way and I want that journey shared in the best environment possible.

So here I am...here we are. Our family. In the new virtual home. Sharing our lives with you.

Credit: ClintJamie Photography
I hope this new, fresh space will work for what I want. Yet, I don't know what that exactly is yet. I just hope it feels right.

Thanks for following me on my new journey to my new home! Make yourself comfortable.


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