Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Gender Reveal

This Christmas was just another amazing one to add to my list.
In my short little life, God blesses me on special days.

I got engaged on Christmas.
I found out Rozlyn's gender on my birthday.
And this year, I found out the gender of our littlest baby.

Although, we planned this fun surprise, it was extremely difficult at first to know that someone knew but not me.

We went to our ultrasound on Wednesday, the 19th and I immediately took the envelope to my friend AKA the gifter. I couldn't keep that envelope in my hot little hands for too long!

A few days later, she let me know she had the gift ready. I raced to pick it up. Why, I'm not sure really sure since I couldn't open it anyways. I guess I'm just a crackhead for gifts and anything in pretty wrapping.

This guy set under my tree, literally eating away at my sanity and building my anxiety up to a dangerous level.

For days, Mark repeatedly reminded me the gift doesn't matter since it's a girl. Over and over, I tried to get him excited because we really didn't know. Seriously though, he 100% completely believed it was a girl. Me, I didn't have a clue.

But finally, Christmas Day arrived. And we all woke up sick. To the point that we contemplated canceling the reveal and arranging a New Year's Day reveal. Ultimately, our excitement overpowered the sickness and we went ahead with our plans.

Finally, everyone arrived. And the gift unwrapping commenced.

So, there it is. Our answer. A baby boy. A son. Just for us. A brother. Just for Rozlyn.

The greatest surprise of all was that Mark couldn't even put together what the blue meant. He was THAT sure it was a girl.

We are completely over the moon. Mark still texts me everyday telling me that he's still in shock that he's having a son.

Now, to think of a name for this little boy before he's 10 years old.

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